Cargo safety

The innovation of Rail Cargo Hungaria, a GPS-based opening sensor, provides a solution against pilferage and looting and guarantees that cargos of high value reach their destination safely.

Cross-border rail freight solutions

This service is available for wagonloads and containers. As part of our service, goods will be secured with main and second bolts equipped with a GPS-based opening sensor. In case of a possible break-in, an alarm is activated directly in the control room of the safety personnel of MÁV Létesítményüzemeltető és Vasútőr Kft who immediately take action in order to protect the consignment.

Service advantages

  • the consignment reaches its destination safely
  • during transportation, the consignment is continuously monitored
  • in case of an attempted break-in, the perpetrators can be seized more quickly.

Take a look at our short film about the service!


Szilárd Neuschl
Head of Rail Safety and Security

Mobile: + 36 30 922 1701

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