Cargo safety

The innovation of Rail Cargo Hungaria, a GPS-based opening sensor, provides a solution against pilferage and looting and guarantees that cargos of high value reach their destination safely.

This service is available for wagonloads and containers. As part of our service, goods will be secured with main and second bolts equipped with a GPS-based opening sensor. In case of a possible break-in, an alarm is activated directly in the control room of the safety personnel of MÁV Létesítményüzemeltető és Vasútőr Kft who immediately take action in order to protect the consignment.

Service advantages

  • the consignment reaches its destination safely
  • during transportation, the consignment is continuously monitored
  • in case of an attempted break-in, the perpetrators can be seized more quickly.                                      

Take a look at our short film about the service!


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Árpád Berecz
Head of Rail Safety and Security

Telephone +36 1 512 7322
Mobile +36 20 455 4390