Rail Cargo Hungaria is Hungary’s leading rail freight transportation company. We transport 33 million tonnes of goods every year for our clients in and to all regions of the country. Reliable, secure and customised high-standard services for you.

Single wagonload transport

Rail Cargo Hungaria undertakes the rail transportation of single wagon load shipments as the only company in Hungary to provide such service. This provides an efficient solution for the rail freight of semi-finished and finished products. As part of the service, we undertake the transportation of single wagons of goods in conventional (wagonload) and combined transport, both domestically and internationally.

Block trains

As the leading rail transporter of block train shipments, we recommend the service primarily for clients who wish to have single-train or multi-train shipments transported to their destination swiftly and securely.

The service provides a cost-efficient solution for, among others, the conventional (wagonload) and combined transport of

  • bulk goods
  • raw materials and
  • semi-finished products.

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