Mobile repair of wagons

The aim of mobile wagon repairs is for Rail Cargo Hungaria to repair damaged wagons – depending on the degree of damage – using its own mobile repair team instead of a service centre and workshop, near the site of damage, at the location of wagon departure and/or loading.

This solution significantly reduces repair time, which in turn facilitates the operability and availability of wagons.   Mobile wagon repairs for our company is another step towards expanding quality service provision and increasing client satisfaction. We are the first members of the Rail Cargo Group to provide mobile wagon repair services which, added to our existing range of services, generates further added value for our partners.

Your advantages

  • Repair time can be substantially reduced
  • Greater availability
  • Precise and prompt repairs

Rail Cargo Hungaria performs mobile wagon repair activities in possession of the ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) certifications stipulated in the European Union's applicable regulation.

Repairs are carried out by specially trained carriage examiners with suitable expertise, with the repair activities covering the country's regions (Central, Eastern and Western region).


György Fekete
Asset management

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