This year’s Rail Cargo Hungaria scholarships were granted

8 students of the Austrian School of Budapest received this year the “Rail Cargo Hungaria Scholarship” for their outstanding performance.

Dr. Imre Kovács, Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt. presented the students with the documents on the ceremony, where Elisabeth Ellison-Kramer, Austrian Ambassador to Hungary and Margot Wieser, principal of the Austrian School of Budapest, as well as parents and teachers were present.

The market-leading rail freight company supports the talented students with 1 million forints every year. The aim of the “Rail Cargo Hungaria scholarship program” is the acknowledgement and promotion of students with an outstanding performance and the strengthening of the cooperation between the Austrian School of Budapest and Rail Cargo Hungaria Zrt.

On the event the Ambassador Elisabeth Ellison-Kramer valued the traditional relationship between the Hungarian company of Rail Cargo Group and the school, and congratulated to the scholarship students who were awarded for their outstanding performance. She also added: “Rail Cargo Hungaria managed to be a success story in a competitive environment, and its operation is exemplary considering the sustainable and cooperative nature of the bilateral economic relations between Austria and Hungary. The high dedication of Rail Cargo Hungaria towards the scholarship program is also a high recognition for the Austrian school. I would like to thank RCH for supporting our schools and I would also like to express my hope that this cooperation will be carried on for many years.”

Dr. Imre Kovács highlighted in his speech the strikingly growing need for well-qualified, innovative young people on the job market of the European Union, especially in the field of rail freight transport. Although this sector is characterized by rapidly growing development, premium technology and offering valuable career opportunities, it still struggles with personnel shortages in Hungary, Austria and other European countries. Therefore, the market-leading company supports the education of the new generation of employees at all levels of the school system.

Rail Cargo Hungaria is the Hungarian subsidiary of the second biggest rail freight company in Europe, Rail Cargo Group. “Supporting the education of the younger generation is very important both for the Hungarian market of the group and the parent company in Austria” – emphasized Dr. Imre Kovács. He also added that Rail Cargo Hungaria seizes all opportunities to inspire young people to choose the field of rail freight transport.

At the end dr. Imre Kovács highlighted that for the company this cooperation also symbolises the strengthening of the Austro-Hungarian economic and cultural partnership.

The school principal stated in her speech on the ceremony that there are many reasons for the success of the Austrian School of Budapest. “Important is the cooperation, a well-functioning and beautiful teamwork of people: a lively school community that is shaped by dialogue, partnership, appreciation, trust and respect – talented students, supporting parents and families, an experienced and highly engaged team of teachers and partners like RCH, who accompany and support us. The scholarships are granted to students, who have great grades but also outstanding social competences and are also actively involved in the school life and hence contribute to the success of the Austrian School of Budapest. Accomplishments should be acknowledged by grades but more importantly by personal feedback and praise. A nice example for acknowledgment are the scholarships of Rail Cargo Hungaria.”

The ceremony ended with the musical performance of the students.