Rail logistics services in Záhony

On account of the gauge change, the role of Záhony and its region is of exceptional significance in both Hungarian and international rail freight transportation.

Our services

We provide the following services to customers for resolving logistics and customs clearance tasks

  • Transhipment, transloading and wheel exchange
  • Special transloading
  • Public warehousing
  • Customs administration
  • Storage of goods in roofed or open loading platforms
  • Auxiliary storage services
  • Forming consignment units with shrink foil, band ties
  • Consignment sorting, palletising, flashing
  • Colouring of the surface of re-expedited goods transported in an open wagon
  • Customs clearance of consignments at border stations
  • Scheduled cargo forwarding from the transhipment location
  • Additional logistics services

The general carriage regulation relating to rail logistics activities at Záhony are contained in Rail Cargo Hungaria’s General Terms of Business for Freight Transport and Manual No. 3 (Chapter III “Procedures for the management of cross-border shipments transported through Záhony/Eperjeske”).

Important information pertaining to goods shipped in SMGS traffic are contained in the following international regulations.

  • CIM/SMGS Consignment Note Manual and consignment note
  • Auxiliary terms and conditions (Annex 1 of Manual No. 3)
  • Loading of broad-gauge wagons (Chapter III, Section 2.4 of Manual No. 3)

The Regional Sales Centre of Debrecen is available to answer any questions relating to rail logistics services at Záhony as well as rail transhipment, transloading and wheel exchange fees.


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