Tracking & Tracing

Rail Cargo Hungaria provides information to clients regarding the precise actual location, time data, and any other queries in connection to carriage deadlines or running schedules of consignments in transport.

The tracking & tracing service covers consignments forwarded to domestic, export, import and transit destinations on the MÁV network. Tracking & tracing contracts can be concluded on an ad-hoc or regular basis.

Our Services

  • Monitoring consignments with a tracking & tracing contract
  • Assisting in the forwarding of consignments without stoppage time
  • Organising immediate interchange services
  • Operative measures
  • Continuous information exchange (with MÁV’s traffic department of the regional directorate and with the traffic conductor’s of MÁV-START Zrt.)
  • Performing special requests
  • Notifications

The tracking & tracing and wagon information services (subject to fees) are available both for trains and single wagons. With queries about fees and contracting, please contact us using the contact details below.


Adrián Sárdi
Head of Sales Support

Phone: +36 1 512 7777

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