The renovated railway line Szeged–Röszke is open to traffic

By handing over the railway line between the border station Röszke and the marshalling yard in Szeged, the investment carried out by the Hungarian State Railways MÁV came to another important milestone.

After a 30-year-hiatus, rail freight traffic was relaunched on 1 August at 18:00.

It is of high importance to ensure an uninterrupted railway connection between Hungary and the Balkans, as well as with the industrial areas in the Far East. The majority of the container trains on this route are conveyed by Rail Cargo Hungaria in Hungary, and due to the construction works on the railway line it is carried out under difficult conditions. Making the Szeged–Röszke route suitable for rail freight traffic will secure the operation of this extraordinary important European railway connection, as long as the line between Budapest–Belgrade with a much higher capacity is not handed over.

RCH considers it as a recognition of its market-leading position in rail freight transport that it is the first RU to be able to use the reopened route for its container trains after 30 years. This train, consisting of 20 freight wagons with a total weight of 1,103 tones forwarded 40 containers with various goods, including household and clothing items, on behalf of COSCO.

According to plans, four RCH train pairs per day will operate on this route in the future, connecting among others Piraeus in Greece and the Rail Cargo Terminal - BILK in Budapest, and ensuring at the same time the rail freight connection with the strategically important industrial facilities in Serbia.